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JT & ET.

We have been working long distance with Jason since February 2011. My teenage daughter had extreme unexplained health issues that a myriad of doctors in Massachusetts could neither diagnose nor agree on. A friend put me in touch Dr. Jason and we became long distance clients. I immediately felt very comfortable with Jason and extremely confident in his knowledge. He interpreted tests, blood work and my and my daughter's observations of her symptoms, and explained his thorough thought process to me in an easy to understand way. He came up with a treatment plan of supplements that addressed specific deficiencies and changed her program as needed. Being in a different state was not a problem at all. Jason and I worked over the phone and by email very easily and quite well. There is no doubt in my mind that my daughter is so much better today because of Jason's wonderful care. I would not hesitate to recommend Jason and encourage anyone who has specific issues or just wants to live a healthier life style to work with Core Therapies. I only wish I lived closer so I could take advantage of the entire practice.


I listened to Dr. Jason’s vitamin teleseminar, The Truth about Vitamins, and my interest was sparked. I am enthusiastic about my upcoming appointment with Dr. Jason to discuss my vitamin needs. Entering CORE, I am welcomed by caring, sincere people, accommodating staff from the professional excellence at the front desk to the superiority of each doctor’s skills. It’s evident that this practice is in the business to improve our community’s quality of life through education as well as treatment. I have new hope for a more healthy life, understanding and loving myself.

The A Clan

I first came for stress relief, and now all five us get care all for our own individual reasons. You have taken a look at our family holistically, with compassion and thoughtfulness. Your insight, knowledge, and your belief in the awareness that we have as parents, has helped us to make our children’s lives better. From struggling with recurring coughs and ear aches, to ADHD and anxiety management, we have been able to provide a healthier life for our kids. Not to mention the focus and intention that you have helped to facilitate in our quest, as adults, to become more conscious of caring for ourselves. Thank You.

Betsy N.

I am a 52 year-old woman who suffers from Meniere’s disease. Before my diagnosis, I must confess to putting just about any kind of food into my body. I gave it little thought and was unknowingly making myself unhealthier as the years went by. Then my diagnosis came. I tried treatment after treatment with no luck. I made the decision, although with little confidence, to try a different route – a more holistic one. I then found Jason Sonners. After reviewing my blood work (above and beyond what a chiropractor normally does) he explained in words I could understand, what my body looked like on the inside and what it should look like. He explained that not only was my body contributing greatly to my disease, but it was hurting me in other ways in which I had no idea. Jason put me on a plan which included major dietary changes and some supplements. I was desperate at the time to find any treatment that would help with Meniere’s and I followed his advice. It is now 6 months later. My immune system is like new. I have not been sick once since starting with Jason. This is incredible – I used to get sick with a simple sneeze or cough nearby me. Inflammation in my body is decreased. I know this because my disease causes inflammation which then causes many other symptoms. Those symptoms have improved in their severity to the point where I feel I have much of my old life back again. I must say I often find it hard to believe how aware I am now with how I live my life. I made a huge change even at age 52 and will continue this going forward. I owe this all to Jason. Jason is an extremely knowledgeable man in so many areas and on top of that enormously patient and compassionate. I recommend him to all my friends and to anyone who should read this.

Barbara W.

I have been going to Core Therapies since 2009. Dr. Jason Sonners has given me amazing care! He is truly a genius in his knowledge of the human musculature system and has been an invaluable help to me for various medical issues.

Jennifer O.

Whether it's ongoing health challenges or maintaining optimal health, the practitioners at Core Therapies are excellent for all members of my family. I've seen all of the doctors and each one is intuitive and committed to my goals. My kids love their visits as well. The entire practice is devoted to their patients' well being, I could not be happier being part of the Core Therapies family.

Jodi E.

There is a Jewish word, "bershert," which basically means “meant to be." Harvey and I working with you is absolutely bershert. When I thought my only alternative would be surgery, you showed me I was wrong. When the ER put Harvey on crutches and never got to the root of his problem, you did and corrected it. We have both consulted with you on many issues and have consistently felt that you both understood, had great information to educate us, and have made us happier in the way we want to achieve health and wellness naturally. You are very important wellness consultants that we admire and respect and feel lucky to have you as part of our team.

Steve H.

No health care professional has ever cared so much about the entire mind body balance. Both my wife and I truly look forward to every visit with Core Therapies. We both walk out feeling healthy and happier for the experience.

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