What Can I Expect?

After setting up your first visit, but prior to your appointment date, we need the following:

  • Our initial intake forms filled out to the best of your ability
  • Copies of any recent blood tests, urinalysis, salivary hormone panels
  • Copies of any recent MRI or X Ray reports pertinent to your case

During your first visit we will discuss at length:

  • Your paperwork and test results
  • Your condition and any questions you may have
  • Your goals for your treatment and outcomes

By the end of your first visit we should know:

  • The big picture of your current health status
  • Why you are experiencing the symptoms you have
  • Which body systems are not working as well as they should
  • Our initial treatment recommendations

Depending on your condition and the complexity of your issues, our second visit follow up will take place 2-4 weeks later, at which time we will:

  • Review and recheck all the issues we discussed on the first visit
  • Discuss what is beginning to work well, and what areas need more help
  • Adjust your food and supplement plan based on progress and changes
  • Schedule our third visit.

As a patient in this office you can expect a thorough consult and exam which will give you a deeper understanding about your health. You may be asked to make some lifestyle changes and while there will also be some hands on treatments in the office, much of your progress is dependent on following through with the home recommendations.

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